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Men's Health | June 2023

How to Care for a Shaved Head, According to Grooming Editors


To our bald fellas, don’t think you’re off the hook when it comes to taming your shaved head. Yes, you too still have a cardinal duty of tending to your scalp. Just because there's an absence of hair, doesn’t mean the skin up there doesn’t deserve (need) a little TLC.

Whether it’s a personal preference to go bald, or you’ve experienced some degree of hair loss, you can rest assured that your shaved head needs extra care with exposure to the sun’s rays, pollutants, airborne toxins, and more. Not to mention, the guys who opt to chop it all off have to think about smaller follicles inside the scalp and future hair growth. It's a big change and a bold move, but overall, caring for a shaved head is pretty low maintenance.

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