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Blind Barber x Barneys Lookbook

We teamed up with Barneys New York for an up-close look at how to achieve and maintain 8 of-the-moment hairstyles.



THE STYLE: Short Push Back

THE CUT: If you’re tired of the side part but still love having the length on top, consider a push back. It’s much easier to style and still retains those classic vibes. You can vary the length on the sides based on preference.

MAINTENANCE: As with the side part, make sure to leave a little moisture in your hair for easy, even distribution of product throughout. Use Blind Barber 101 Strong Pomade for shine and all day hold.


STYLE: Natural Curls

THE CUT: Let the curls come out—the bigger the better. Ask the barber to take 1 to 2 inches off the top, sides, and back so that it leaves a nice round shape that follows the head.

MAINTENANCE: Air dry and don’t wash excessively or your hair will want to start to frizz and act crazy. A little natural oil goes a long way. Style with Blind Barber 40 Proof Sea Salt Spray for texture and hold.


THE STYLE: High Skin Fade

THE CUT: A classic high and tight skin fade conjures the ’90s and always looks strong. Ask the barber to leave the length on the top and shape the haircut, while keeping it a little more on the natural side.

MAINTENANCE: You’ll need a touch up every 2 to 4 weeks. For a little added shine, style with Blind Barber 30 Proof Styling cream.


STYLE: Finger Length Crop

THE CUT: This is an effortless summer cut. It’s not quite a buzz, and it’s not quite long enough to style in any direction either. Ask the barber for a finger length cut, or about one inch all around, using scissors on the top, sides, and back with a slight taper at the nape and sideburns to maintain a nice shape as the cut grows out. Soft corners created with scissors are the key to this style, as clippers tend to leave everything looking too square.

MAINTENANCE: Visit the barber every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain and use Blind Barber 60 Proof Wax for texture.


STYLE: Medium Length Push Back

THE CUT: This style is a nice change up from the fades that have been so prevalent over the last few years. It requires about 4 to 6 months of growth and is great for a  guy who want a cut that’s a little more low-maintenance, as it requires less frequent trips to the barbershop.

MAINTENANCE: Even though this style is loose, visit the barber every 4 to 6 weeks for clean ups and weight reduction. Style with Blind Barber 30 Proof Styling Cream to reduce fly-aways and provide light hold. Blind Barber 40 Proof Sea Salt Spray will provide some tackiness and grit to freshly washed hair for that lived in feel.


STYLE: Side Part Faded to Skin

THE CUT: This style has been around for a few years and continues to be relevant. The great thing about this cut is that it maintains its shape as it grows out and always looks masculine and polished.

MAINTENANCE: You’ll want to visit the barber every 2 weeks to keep the sides looking neat and can push to 4 weeks if you like how it grows in. Style with Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade when the hair has a little moisture in it, and style from back to front. You want to try to avoid putting too much product in the front as it will clump up and be harder to distribute.


STYLE: The Long Shag

 THE CUT: This style requires at least a year of growth. Ask your barber to cut the top section in slightly shorter layers. From there, the hair should get progressively longer. The key here is for the front section to frame the face and accentuate the bone structure.

MAINTENANCE: Visit the barber every 6 to 8 weeks, or as you feel is necessary, and ask them to take out weight and clean up the ends. This cut is best worn a little dirty—try shampooing about 3 times a week.


STYLE: The Natrual Fro


THE CUT: This style is very popular right now on athletes and celebs. The trick is to avoid strong line ups and contrasting tapers, and instead leave the edges natural.

MAINTENANCE: As your hair starts to grow out, ask your barber to clean up around the ear and lightly taper the back. Use Blind Barber 40 Proof Sea Salt spray for texture.


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