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Barbershop Shave

The time-honored tradition of the classic barbershop shave is not one that can be easily replicated. For decades, barbershops around the world have followed a meticulous shaving process aimed at achieving the smoothest and closest shave possible. Now, with the Gillette Shave Club you can consistently match and maintain the quality of the classic barbershop shave at home.

With Quality Tools Comes a Quality Shave. In the barbershop, our barbers demand the highest quality tools for the smoothest possible shave and guys at home should do the same by choosing Gillette razors. Gillette incorporates their lasting tradition of superior craftsmanship with technology innovation to provide a shave that outperforms that of its counterparts in quality and in value. In fact, with the Gillette Shave Club, guys can get their best shave for up to 50% less than other shave clubs.


The Best Process Leaves You with the Best Shave. In the barbershop, we follow a thorough shaving procedure, which can be easily replicated at home with Gillette razors. 

Preparation: In the barbershop, our shaving process begins with a treated warm towel, which cleanses the face and opens the pores. At home, washing the face with warm water or shaving immediately after a shower can mirror this result—this ensures the facial pores remain open and the razor glides effortlessly across the face. 

Shaving: When performing the classic shave, the barbers in our shop implement the traditional 14-stroke process, which ensures a smooth shave that works with the growth patterns of the face. Because the Gillette Fusion ProGlide incorporates FlexBall technology, the razor follows the contours of your face to match the closeness of the classic 14-step barbershop shave. 

Hydration: In the barbershop we complete the shaving process by hydrating the face and applying a cold towel to seal the pores. At home, you can do the same. Once you’ve completed your shave with your razor, apply a cold, wet towel to the face. This will not only hydrate the skin, but it will close your facial pores, leaving your skin feeling cool and refreshed.


With Consistency Comes Confidence. As grooming experts, our barbers recommend following a consistent and regimented shaving procedure. Gillette has streamlined this consistency by shipping the highest quality blades with the convenience of door-to-door delivery with the Gillette Shave Club. And guys receive more than just high-quality razors. They also gain access to exclusive content, grooming tips, and a chance to win major-league sports and entertainment tickets.

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