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Blind Barber
Upgrade Your Grooming Routine

Upgrade Your Grooming Routine

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Designed By Barbers

Designed By Barbers

Made For You

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Bryce Harper x Blind Barber

Bryce Harper x Blind Barber

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A Note From The Founders: 10 years ago we set out to build a concept; a bar, barbershop and product line with one goal in mind: to make you feel like like the best you. Over the course of those years, the honest conversations, cold beers, top-of-the-game pomades and quick trims are all, undoubtedly, part of the process. The physical transformation happens to your hair, but the real result is feeling like the best version of yourself, looking into that mirror and saying “there I am”. Blind Barber

What They Are Saying

"Dads will enjoy the refreshing scent of lemongrass tea and the benefits of clean and hydrated skin. And if you really love your dad, treat him to "the works" at Blind Barber with a cut, shave, and drink!"

- Vanity Fair

"Blind Barber is the bi-coastal spot-to-see-and-be-seen. While dudes get groomed, there’s plenty of delicious food and for the rest of us; come nighttime, the community-oriented shop turns into a full-on bar. Prepare to stay a while."

- The Coveteur

"Blind Barber products are for the style-conscious guy that’s got better things to do than spend an hour in front of the mirror."

- New York Times Magazine

"Getting a haircut can be a pretty mundane activity but imagine the possibilities when your local barber turns bar once the sun sets. Beer, cocktails and a new look. Nice one Blind Barber"

- Highsnobiety

"With the addition of tonka beans, Blind Barber’s excellent protein-enriched [40 Proof Sea Salt] spray has a subtle vanilla scent. This one is great on really long hair, for reactivating your hat hair or giving a lift at the roots when they’d otherwise be too weighed down by the long strands. Spray it all the way through the hair, though, to separate and texturize the ends."

- GQ

"Effective and easy-to-use, the range features masculine, alcohol-infused formulations for both skin and hair, as well as handy grooming sets that shave off valuable time from your normal morning routine."