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March 28, 2012

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After nearly 1.5 years of tinkering with formulas at chemistry labs, planning, lathering, rinsing, re-lathering, eating (need a lunch break), re-formulating and then packaging, Blind Barber is super proud to introduce the first 4 products in our very own Men's Grooming line: The Spirit of Shaving.  Watch below for proper home grooming (shot by the dynamic duo of Melissa Fortunatti and Stefan Fernandez):

For the rest of the spiel:

Concocted in the good ol' U-S-of-A, we have bottled the spirit of our stomping grounds; meaning, because every haircut or shave at Blind Barber is served up with a complimentary cocktail, we felt it was only natural for our products to incorporate the beneficial properties of alcohol to achieve a unique, and of course gentlemanly, grooming experience at home. 

The Spirit of Shaving line consists of 4 products: a Wild WaterMint Gin Shave Cream, an Aftershave Soother, a 60 Proof Hair Wax, and a 90 Proof Hair Pomade.

The Wild WaterMint Gin Shave Cream and the Aftershave Soother were designed to remove the unnecessary steps of pre-shave oils and brushes and to provide the perfect 1-2 combo for your daily shaving routine.  The two products are lightly scented with a cool, minty undertone and include Juniper Berry, a key ingredient in gin, which in the two, acts as an astringent that offers healing benefits and relief to irritated skin.  In addition, Wild Mint assists congested, acne-prone skin by cleaning, tightening and refining pores while Water Mint acts as an excellent antiseptic.  The After Shave Soother not only acts as the perfect aftershave, but doubles as a moisturizer, leaving the skin incredibly soft while closing up the pores.

Moving upwards, our hair care products were designed to mold the hair of any guy with any style.  Infused with hops for their protein rich nature and ability to fight dry scalp, both hair products are then scented with a faint hint of tonka bean (basically vanilla but vanilla is just so, well, vanilla), providing a clean, yet recognizable scent to your hair.  The products range from a medium to strong hold starting with the 60 Proof Hair Wax and working up to the 90 Proof Hair Pomade.  So, whether you want to be able to effortlessly run your hands through your hair all day, or you need that slick side part to hold strong for the entire date, at least one of our hair prodcuts will suit your needs.

That is the gist of it.  We hope you are all as excited about this as we are.  The products are currently available in our online SHOP so please head on over and check 'em out.  Thank you, we love you.

Drink the beer, don't drink the products.  And, as always, Stay Handsome.

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